Linear Abrasive, Inc. - Advanced Abrasive Machining Systems
Advanced Abrasive Machining Systems
Engineered & Built for Demanding Manufacturing Environments


Connecting Rod Line
Automotive and Truck Connecting Rod Grinding Systems. Co-planer and non-planer applications.

Double Disc Grinding System. Both faces ground simultaneously; achieves very high accuracy.

Double Disc Grinding System


Conventional Through Feed Single Spindle
Through Feed Single Spindle Grinding System. Also available with multiple grinding spindles.

Linear Abrasive grinding systems have advanced the technology and capabilities of continuous through-feed grinding far beyond present standards. Our advanced designs have solved the inherent vibration, excessive frame deflections, and inability to hold sizes and finish when cutting at high velocities.

Systems Manufactured: Through Feed Grinders, Double Disc Grinders, Surface Grinders, Profile Grinders, Feed-Thru Grinders and custom solutions for high volume grinding applications.

Industries served: powdered metal, stampings, fine blankings, pump gears, automotive, lawn and garden, agricultural, diesel and gas engine components, ceramics, electronic, electrical contactors, and more.